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A comprehensive guide for Jains, Jainism & Jain places of Pilgrimage

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Tirths in India 



Agashi Shri Agashi Tirth
Agra Shri Agra Tirth
Aharaji Shri Aharaji Tirth
Ahichhatra Shri Ahichhatra Tirth
Amalner Shri Amalner Tirth
Amizara Shri Amizara Parshvanth Tirth
Amravati Shri Amravati Tirth
Antariksh Shri Antariksh Tirth
Avanti Shri Avanti Parshvanth Tirth
Avlokeek Shri Avlokeek Parshvanth Tirth
Ayodhya Shri Ayodhya Tirth
Bahubali Shri Bahubali Tirth
Badnavar Shri Badnavar Tirth
Bavangajaji Shri Bavangajaji Tirth
Bhadravati Shri Bhadravati Tirth
Bhelupur Shri Bhelupur Tirth
Bhopavar Shri Bhopavar Tirth
Bimbadod Shri Bimbadod Tirth
Calcutta Shri Calcutta Tirth
Champapuri Shri Champapuri Tirth
Chandrapuri Shri Chandrapuri Tirth
Dahigaum Shri Dahigaun Tirth
Devagadh Shri Devagadh Tirth
Dharmasthala Shri Dharmasthala Tirth
Drongiri Shri Drongiri Tirth
Gajapantha Shri Gajapantha Tirth
Gudivada Shri Gudivada Tirth
Guniyaji Shri Guniyaji Tirth
Hastinapur Shri Hastinapur Tirth
Humbaj Shri Humbaj Tirth
Jingiri Shri Jingiri Tirth
Jinkanchi Shri Jinkanchi Tirth
Jiyaganj Shri Jiyaganj Tirth
Kakandhi Shri Kakandhi Tirth
Kampilaji Shri Kampilaji Tirth
Kangada Shri Kangada Tirth
Karkal Shri Karkal Tirth
Kathgola Shri Kathgola Tirth
Kaushambi Shri Kaushambi Tirth
Khajuraho Shri Khajuraho Tirth
Khandgiri-Udayagiri Shri Khandgiri-Udayagiri Tirth
Kshatriyakund Shri Kshatriyakund Tirth
Kukadeshvar Shri Kukadeshvar Tirth
Kulpakaji Shri Kulpakaji Tirth
Kumbhojagiri Shri Kumbhojagiri Tirth
Kundalpur Shri Kundalpur Tirth
Kundalpur(Bihar) Shri Kundalpur Tirth (Bihar)
Laxmani Shri Laxmani Tirth
Mahimapur Shri Mahimapur Tirth
Makshi Shri Makshi Tirth
Mannargudi Shri Mannargudi Tirth
Mandavgadh Shri Mandavgadh Tirth
Mangitungi Shri Mangitungi Tirth
Mathura Shri Mathura Tirth
Mohankheda Shri Mohankheda Tirth
Mudibadri Shri Mudibadri Tirth
Nasik Shri Nasik Tirth
Ner Shri Ner Tirth
Pabhosa Shri Pabhosa Tirth
Paporaji Shri Paporaji Tirth
Parasali Shri Parasali Tirth
Patliputra Shri Patliputra Tirth
Poonurmalai Shri Poonurmalai Tirth
Pavapuri Shri Pavapuri Tirth
Peda Amiram Shri Peda Amiram Tirth
Pudal Shri Pudal Tirth
Purimtal Shri Purimtal Tirth
Pydhuni Shri Pydhuni Tirth
Rajgruhi Shri Rajgruhi Tirth
Ramtek Shri Ramtek Tirth
Ratnapuri Shri Ratnapuri Tirth
Reshandigiri Shri Reshandigiri Tirth
Rujubaluka Shri Rujubaluka Tirth
Samet Shikharji Shri Samet Shikharji Tirth
Sauripur Shri Sauripur Tirth
Shravana Belgola Shri Shravana Belgola Tirth
Shravasti Shri Shravasti Tirth
Sidhhavarkut Shri Sidhhavarkutaji Tirth
Songiri Shri Songiri Tirth
Talanpur Shri Talanpur Tirth
Thana Shri Thana Tirth (Konkan)
Thuvanaji Shri Thuvaunaji Tirth
Unhel Shri Unhel Tirth
Uvasgahara Shri Uvasgahara Tirth
Vahi Shri Vahi Tirth
Vaishali Shri Vaishali Tirth
Varang Shri Varang Tirth
Vijaymangalam Shri Vijaymangalam Tirth

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