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Shri Songiri Tirth

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Mulnayak: 360 cms. high, black-colored idol of Bhagawan Chandraprabh Swami in the Kayotsarga posture.

Tirth: It is on a hill near the Anaval village.

Historicity: In ancient times, this tirth was called Shravangiri. The history prior to the year 335 of the Vikram era is not traceable. But there is a reference that it was renovated at that time. Infinite number of Sadhus attained nirvana here. This is also the place of samavasarana of Bhagawan Chandraprabh Swami, the eighth Tirthankar.

Other Temples: Besides this, there are 82 pinnacled temples on the hill and 16 temples at the foot of the hill.

Works of art and Sculpture: A very large group of pinnacled temples in such a beautiful hilly atmosphere, present a pious atmosphere. The beauty of the art of building this temple and its style are a special attraction. All the temples here have their different styles of building. On the hill, there is broad-mouthed cocoanut basin. It is cut from a slab of stone in the shape of a coconut. There is also another slab of stone. When it is beaten it produces sound like that of a metal. It is, therefore, called ‘Bajani shila’. The scene of the group of temples on the hill is really fascinating.

Guidelines: The nearest railway satation of Songiri is at a distance of 4 kilometers and the main city of Gwalior is at a disntance of 70 kilometers from the foot of the hill. For climbing the hill, there are steps. The cleaniness of this place is really praiseworthy. There are a number of comfortable dharmashalas for pilgrims.There are very good boarding provisions.
Trust: Shri Digambar Siddhakshetra Samrakshan Committee, Songiri, Dist : Dattiya State : Madhya Pradesh, India.

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