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Tirths in Rajasthan    



Achalgadh Shri Achalgadh Tirth
Ajari Shri Ajari Tirth
Amarsagar Shri Amarsagar Tirth
Alvar Shri Alvar Tirth
Aur Shri Aur Tirth
Ayad Shri Ayad Tirth
Bali Shri Bali Tirth
Bamanvada Shri Bamanvada Tirth
Beda Shri Beda Tirth
Bhandavaji Shri Bhandavaji Tirth
Bhinmal Shri Bhinmal Tirth
Brahmsar Shri Brahmsar Tirth
Chitracut Shri Chitracut Tirth
Deladar Shri Deladar Tirth
Delavada Shri Delavada (ABU) Tirth
Derana Shri Derana Tirth
Devakulpatak Shri Devakulpatak Tirth
Dhanari Shri Dhanari Tirth
Diyana Shri Diyana Tirth
Dungarpur Shri Dungarpur Tirth
Falvrudhi Shri Falvrudhi Tirth
Gangani Shri Gangani Tirth
Gohili Shri Gohili Tirth
Hathudi Shri Hathundi Tirth
Jakhoda Shri Jakhoda Tirth
Jaislmer Shri Jaislmer Tirth
Jhadoli Shri Jhadoli Tirth
Jiravalla Shri Jiravalla Tirth
Kapardaji Shri Kapardaji Tirth
Kareda Shri Kareda Tirth
Kashindra Shri Kashindra Tirth
Keshariyaji Shri Keshariyaji Tirth
Kachholi Shri Kachholi Tirth
Khimel Shri Khimel Tirth
Khimvasar Shri Khimvasar Tirth
Khudala Shri Khudala Tirth
Kimvarali Shri Kimvarli Tirth
Kojara Shri Kojara Tirth
Kolargadh Shri Kolargadh Tirth
Korta Shri Korta Tirth
Laj Shri Laj Tirth
Lodravpur Shri Lodravpur Tirth

Shri Lotana Tirth

Mahavirji Shri Mahavirji Tirth
Mandar Shri Mandar Tirth
Meerpur Shri Meerpur Tirth
Muchhala Shri Muchhala Tirth
Mundasthal Shri Mundasthal Tirth
Mundava Shri Mundava Tirth
Nadalai Shri Nadalai Tirth
Nadol Shri Nadol Tirth
Nagaur Shri Nagaur Tirth
Nageshwar Shri Nageshwar Tirth
Nagahad Shri Nagahad Tirth
Nakoda Shri Nakoda Tirth
Nana Shri Nana Tirth
Nandiya Shri Nandiya Tirth
Nitoda Shri Nitoda Tirth
Nun Shri Nun Tirth
Osiyan Shri Osiyaji Tirth
Padmaprabhuji Shri Padamaprabhuji Tirth
Pali Shri Pali Tirth
Pindvada Shri Pindvada Tirth
Pokharan Shri Pokharan Tirth
Posaliya Shri Poslaiya Tirth
Radbar Shri Radbar Tirth
Rajnagar Shri Rajnagar Tirth
Ranakpur Shri Ranakpur Tirth
Samina Kheda Shri Samina Kheda Tirth
Sanderav Shri Sanderav Tirth
Satyapur Shri Satyapur Tirth
Sesali Shri Sesali Tirth
Sevadi Shri Sevadi Tirth
Shirohi Shri Shirohi Tirth
Sirodi Shri Sirodi Tirth
Sivera Shri Sivera Tirth
Svarnagiri Shri Svarnagiri Tirth
Udaypur Shri Udaypur Tirth
Uthaman Shri Uthaman Tirth
Varkana Shri Varkana Tirth

Shri Varman Tirth

Vatera Shri Vatera Tirth
Vatpadra Shri Vatpadra Tirth
Velar Shri Velar Tirth
Virvada Shri Virvada Tirth
Zadoli Shri Zadoli Tirth

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