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Shri Avanti Tirth

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Mulnayak: 120 cms. high, black-colored idol of Bhagawan Avanti Parshvanath in the Padmansana posture.

Tirth: It is in the city of Ujjain.

Historicity: The ancient name of this city was Avantika Puskararanjini. Avanti Sukumar received instructions, took diksa and while practising penance, he attained the final liberation. His son Mahakal under instructions of Arya Suhastisurishvarji, built this splendid temple as a memento of his father. This tirth is believed to be 250 years old. Then it witnessed many falls and risings. Many Acharyas used their influence to add to the grandeur of this tirth. In the times of Bhagawan Mahavir, King Chandrapradyot made this idol of sandalwood. In course of time, when this tirth was in the domain of the kings who were devotees of Shiva, the learned Acharya Siddhasen Diwakar composed the very impressive Kalyan Mandir Stotra against the order of the king. Under its influence, a beautiful idol of Bhagawan Parshvanath appeared from the lustrous idol of shiva and the Jain religion gained prominence. In the seventh century of the Vikra era, Acharya Mantungasuri showed a miracle to King Bhoj and impressed him by composing the Bhaktramar stotra. In the eleventh centuiry, Shantisuriji defeated 84 disputants in the royal court and gained great honour. Thus many stories regarding the spread of the Jain religion are associated with this place.

Other Temples: At present, there are 25 temples besides this.

Works of art and Sculpture: This idol of Bhagawan Parshvanath is ancient and handsome. In this temple, no ancient work of art is seen besides this.

Guidelines: From the main railway station this temple is at a distance of one and a half kilometers. The railway station of Ujjain is at a distance of 56 kilometers from Indore. Boarding and lodging provisions are there. Bus service and private vehicles are available.

Trust: Shri Avantika Parshvanath Tirth, Anant Peth, Dani Darwaja, Ujjain - 456001. State : Madhya Pradesh, India.

Shri Avanti Parshvanath Bhagwan

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