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Shri Jinkanchi Tirth

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Mulnayak: Nearly 150 cms. high, golden - colored idol of Bhagawan Mahavir Swami in the semi Padmasana posture.

Tirth: It is in the Tirupantikundram village near in the Kanchipuram city.
Historicity: There is a mention that around the seventh century A.D. during the rule of Pallav kings, many Jains lived here and, therefore, there were many temples and the city was prosperous and looked beautiful. The kings of those days gave great contributions towards building temples. There is a mention that 600 years ago; a great pavilion with six hundred pillars was made here. Near this temple, there is an ancient temple of Bhagawan Chandraprabh. Since this idol is broken, Jinapuja is not done here. This tirth is under management of the archaeological department. There are foot - prints of Acharya Vaman and his disciple Puspasen under the tree where the Acharya practiced penance. This temple is also called the temple of Bhagawan Trilokanath.

Other Temples: There is also an ancient temple of Bhagawan Chandraprabh.

Works of art and Sculpture: For its artistic beauty, this temple is famous all over the world. On the ceiling of the pavilion, there are colorful ancient paintings of the five Kalyankas of Bhagawan Adishvar, the construction of the samavasarana, life events of Mahavir Swami, births (bhavas) of Bhagawan Neminath events in the lives of Tirthankars, etc. The paintings are fascinating and beautiful. Their mere sight fills the heart with joy. One becomes lost in them.
Guidelines: The nearest railway station of Kanchipuram is at a distance of 5 kilometers. The chief city of Madras is at a distance of 70 Kilometers. Bus services and private vehicles are available. Boarding and lodging provisions are there.
Trust: Shri Trailokayanath Swami Jain Mandir, Tiruppatikundram, Dist. : Kauchipuram, State : Tamilnadu, India.

Shri Mahavir Bhagwan


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