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Shri Humbaj Tirth

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Mulnayak: Nearly 120 cms high, Black-colored idol of Bhagawan Parshvanath in the Padmasana posture.

Tirth: It is in the center of the Humbaj village.
Historicity: This tirth belongs to the times of Jinduttarai, the son of King Sakar of Mathura of the seventh century of the Vikram era. About this image, the story goes that once Jinadattari was carrying on horse an idol of Padmavatidevi. On the way, he halted to take rest under a tree. In a dream, he got an inspiration to set up a capital here. He, therefore, set up his capital here, built temples and got nine-jeweled idols installed. The temple of Padmavatidevi is very majestic. The like of it is not found elsewhere. On the day of the Mula constellation in the month of March every year, a joy-festival of Padmavatidevi is celebrated. Thousands of pilgrims from every nook and corner of India, come here. The more sight of Padmavatidevi fulfils the wishes of the worshippers. Here, many worshippers come and go. The atmosphere here is always like that of a fair.

Other Temples: There are three other temples.

Works of art and Sculpture: The tree under which Jindattarai took rest, is present even today. The artistic idols here and the nine-jeweled idols installed in the monastery are very beautiful and delightful. Here is a 1300 years old lake named Moti. It does not dry up even in times of famine. The Padmavati temple is very rich and splendid. The idol of Padmavatidevi is very miraculous and expressive.
Guidelines: The nearest railway station of Arsalu is at a distance of 25 kilometers. Boarding and Boarding and lodging provisions are there near the temple.
Trust: Swati Shri Devendrakirti Swamiji Jain Math, Humbaj - 577436, Dist: Shimoga, State: Karnatak, India.

Shri Parshvanath Bhagwan


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