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Shri Ayodhya Tirth

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Mulnayak: Nearly 30 cms. High, copper - colored idol of Bhagawan Ajitnath in the Padmasana posture. (A Svetmbar temple)

Tirth: It is in the katara locality of the Ayodhya city.

Historicity: ‘Koshal’, ‘Koshala’, ‘Vinita, ‘ Avadhya’, ‘Rampuri’, ‘Saketapuri’ etc. are mentioned as ancient names of this city. Risbhdev was the first King of this place in the Aavasarpinikala. For the first time, Parmatma imparted the knowledge of asi (the sword), masi (into), kasu (farming), sculpture, and commerce and divided the society into different classes and families. He imparted the knowledge of 72 arts to men and of 64 arts to women. He taught the lessos of practical life. When Bhagawan developed Aversion to worldly life, he entrusted the responsibility of his kingdom to his eldest son Bharat and his other sons. He adopted diksa at this place. After diksa, many times he came wandering here and his samavasranas were raised. The Kalynakasa of chayan births, diksa, and attainment of Omniscience of Ajitnath, Abhinandan Swami, Bhagawan Sumatinath, and Bhagwan Ananthanth were celebrated here. There is a mention that Chakravasti Bharat got idols of Tirthnkaras and Stupas made here. In ‘Vividh Tirth kalpa’ written by Acharya Jinaprabhusurisvarji there is a mention that the city populated here on the banks of the rivers Ghaghari and Sary, was called the gateway to heaven. This holy lend is blessed with birth Kalayanakas of Bhagawan Adinath and other above said Tirthnatras. This is the birth - place of Bhahubali, Brahmi, Sundari, King Dashrath, Acharya Padaliptasurisvarji, King Harishchandra, Shri Ramchandra, Achalbhrata, and the ninth Gandhara of Mahavir Swami and others. Ayodhaya was the Ramarajya of Ramacharudraji. People were rich and happy. Many religious kings, their advisors, and great men did many religious activities here and added to the glory not only of the Jain religion but also of the whole of India.

Other Temples: Beside, there are at present too Svetambar and two Digambar temples. 885 CMS. High idol of Bhagawan Adishvar in the Kayotsarga posture in one of the two Digambar temples is really speculator.

Works of art and Sculpture: Every particle of the birthplace of Ramchandraji and the land of Kalayankas of our Tirthnakaras is holy and deserved to be worshipped. It purifies and sanctifies the Saul of worshippers. Though this is a very ancient place, there are very few ancient specimens. In the temple there are specimens of the new art. There is a mention that in the twelfth century; three idols were taken to Serisa from here. During a digging project undertaken twenty-five years age, broken idols of Jains were fond. They seem to belong to the Maurya Age.

Guidelines: The nearest railway station of Ayodhya is at a distance of two kilometers from the Svetambar temple and one and a half kilometers from the Digambar temple. Bus services and private vehicles are easily available here. In the compound, there are Boarding and lodging provisions of Svetambars and Digambars.

Trust: Shri Jain Svetambar Pedhi, The Katra Locality, Ayodhya, Dist: Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Bhagawan Ajithnath


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