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Shri Nasik Tirth

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Mulnayak: Nearly 52 cms high, blueoloured idol of Bhagawan Chintamani Parshvanath in the Padmasana posture and looking beautiful with seven hoods.

Tirth: It is in the city of Nasik.

Historicity: By reading the history of Nasikyapurkalpa written by Shri Jinaprabhsuri on basis of stories prevalent among Jains and non-Jains, one gets acquanted with the antiquity and impressiveness of this tirth. The temple of Chandraprabh Swami and its ancient idol are not present today but the ancient idols of Jain Tirthankaras can be seen on the hills near the Chandavad village at a distance of 45 kilometers from Nasik. The idol of Mulnayak Chnadraprabh Swami is among them. There is an idol of Chintamani parshvanath in the temple in the newly settled city of Nasik on the bank of the godavari river. It was built by the sangha about the year 1800 of the vikram era. But according to another nmote, this temple was built in the year 1918 of the vikram era. But on the cross-legged posture of God, the year 1548 of the virak era is carved. Nearby 30 years ago, the white idol was coated with blue color. Humming with many large-scale industries and commercial activities,this city was also a chief center of religious activities of Jains. Ancient scriptures and tirthmalas contain prayers to Chintamani Parshvanath.

Other Temples: Besides this, there are very splendid nine temples. Chief among them is the temple of Shri Adinath. There is also a Gurumandir of Acharyadev shrimad Vijayayashodevsurisharji.

Works of art and Sculpture: This splendid fascinating, delightful and heart-warming, blue-coloured idol of Bhagawan Chintamani parshvanath in the splendid temple on the holy land on the bank of the Godavari river, removes and destroys worries. The artistic sculpture of this ancient idol looking beautiful with seven hoods, is extra ordinary.

Guidelines: The nearest railway station of Nasik is at a distance of 8 kilometers. Bus service and private vehicles are available. There are good Boarding and lodging provisions. Besides, an upashraya and a Gurumandir are there. This is also a center of publication of religous scriptures.
Trust: Shri Chitamani Parshvanath Jain Svetambar Tirth, Parshvanath Lane, Bhadrakali, Nasik - 422001 State - Maharashtra, India.

Bhagawan Chintamani Parshvanath


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