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Shri Khajuraho Tirth

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Mulnayak: Nearly 427 cms high, light-red colored, idol of Bhagawan Shantinath in the Kayotsarya posture.

Tirth: On the bank of the Khudar river at a distance of nearly one kilometer from Khajuraho.      
Historicity: During the period between the ninth to the twelfth century of the Vikram era, the Jain temples of Khajuraho were built by Pahil, the rich Jain merchant who was honoured by the King. Bhagawan Shantinath is Mulnayak of this temple. Beside this idol, there in inscription of the year 1085 of the Vikram era. From the viewpoints of art and culture, Khajuraho is famous all over the world.

Other Temples: In the compound of this temple, there are 33 temples of which 22 are pinnacled temples. In one temple, there are ruins of Jain temples. There is a Shantinathji museum. In it there is a rich collection of many beautiful works of art.

Works of art and Sculpture: For their largeness, distinct artistry and beauty, the temples of Parshvanath, Adinath and Shantinath are famous all over the world. The temple with the idol of Parshvanath is beautiful and famous for its arrangement of pinnacles. Between the archs of the gates, two idols are carved. On each side of them, six sadhus are seen praying. On the doors of the sanctuary, the idols of the Ganga, the Yamuna, Chakreshvari, Saraswati and the nine planets look extremely beautiful and vivid. The beautiful and fascinating idols of love-making women, women applying collyrium to their beautiful eyes, Kinnarbalas putting an anklets round their ankles, lustful women applying scent to their feet, Gandharvas playing on small and big musical instruments, Kinnars, Kinnaris, Kamdev with five arrows in his hands, Vidyadhar couples standing with garlands of beautiful flowers in their hands, are beautiful and extraordinary specimens of sculpture. Such extraordinary specimens famous for their minute workmanship can hardly be seen anywhere else in the world. The Adinath temple is famous for splendousr and charm of pitchers on its high pinnacles. The matchless idols of Gandharvas, Kinnars, Vidyadhars, presiding deities and celestial damsels carved in a row outside the wall, are full of beauty and wonder. The beautiful and artistic scenes of beauty-conscious women looking at the mirror and applying vermilion at the parting of hair on the head, women with beautiful eyes applying collyrium to their eyes, anxious celestial damsels reading letters of unpleasant news, mothers showering affection on their children, are really beautiful, vivid and fascinating works of art.
Guidelines: The railway station of Panna on the Zansi Manekpur railway line, is at a distance of 44 kilometers, from this temple. Aeroplanes flying from Delhi to Khatmandu and to Varanasi always travel via Khajuraho. Bus service and private vehicles are available. There are Boarding and lodging provisions near the temple.
Trust: Shri Digamber Jain Atishaykshetra Kajuraho, - 471606. Dist - Chhattarpur, State - Madhyapradesh, India.

Shri Shantinath Bhagwan


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