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Shri Vijapur Tirth

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Mulnayak: 126 cms. high, white-colored, Parikaryukt idol of Bhagawan Sfurling Parshvanath.

Tirth: It is on the outskirts of the village Vijapur by the highway road

Historicity: The splendid idol of Bhagwan Sfurling Parshvanath was installed in a temple in Nepal, centuries age. In course of time, the temple lost its existence and only its name remained. Once while His Holiness Acharya Subodhsagarsurisvarji was sitting in meditation, he got a hint to set up a tirth of Bhagawan Sfurling Parshvanath and this new temple was built. To the right of the idol of Bhawawan Sfurling Parshvanath, the idol of Bhagawan Visahar Parshvanath is installed and to the left of it, the idol of Mantradhiraj Bhagawan Parshvanath is installed. This tirth was installed in memory Buddhisagarsurishvarji. This exceedingly fascinating three-storeyed temple looks beautiful like a residence of a god. It is a very good place for sadhana in a peaceful atmosphere. The great festival of installation of the idol in this temple was celebrated in the presence of millions of jains on Friday on the third day of dark half the month of Vaishakh in the year 2037 of the Vikram Samvat i.e. 22-5-1981.

Other Temples: There are ten other temples. Among them the temple of Bhagawan Chintamana Parshvanath is very ancient. It was renovated by Vastupal Tejpal.

Works of art and Sculpture: This exceeding splendid temple in the vast complex of this new tirth, fascinates the pilgrims with its special type of artistic carvings on wood. In order to beautiful this temple with wonderful artistic skill, skilled workers are making artistic carvings on stone and the work is in progress in full swing. besides, there are temples of Padmavatidevi, Saraswatidevi, Ambikadevi, Chakheshvaridevi, Mahalaxmidevi and the guardian god Ghantakarnavir. There is also the Samadhi temple of His Holiness Acharya Buddhisagarsurisvarji. This vijapur tirth is the place of birth, activities and death of Buddhisagarsurisvarji. This is, therefore, a tirth of multifold holiness.

Guidelines: The Vijapur tirth is on the outskirts of the village Vijapur on the Ahmedabad-Himmatnagar highway and at a distance of 80 kilometers. The nearest railway station of Vijapur is at a distance of one kilometer. Bus service and private vehicles are easily available. In this tirth, there is an Upashray, a vast dharmashala and a bhojanashal. At present, the work of building a rich library a museum and a reading-room is in its last stage. There is also a plan of setting up a pathshala, a gurukul and dispensary in future. Near the temple, there is a big garden. Pilgrims feed here peace and joy and become engrossed in devotion to God.

Trust: Sfurling Parshvanath Jain Tirth Pedhi, Buddhisagarui Jain Samadhi Mandir, Vijapur - 382870. Phone No. : 02763, 20209.

Bhagawan Sfurling Parshvanath



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