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Shri Runi Tirth

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Mulnayak: Nearly 126 cms high white - colored idol of Bhagawan Godiji Parshvanath in the Padmasana posture.

Tirth: On the outskirts of the village Runi in the complex of 18 vighas ( 1 vigha = 5/8 acres).

Historicity: The idol installed here by Hemchandracharya was 450 years old idol of Bhagawan Parshvanath. It was stolen and buried by Muslims. A Muslim had a dream and, therefore, he handed over the idol to a Sharavaka named Medhasha. Wherever the Sharmaka went, the offered eightfold worship to the idol and the feet of this idol appreaed. These idol -feet were given to the Runi village on request of the Shravakas of that place. These idol-feet were known as ‘Varkhadi’. In the flood of the year 1993 of the Vikram era, these idol - feet were swept away. When they were found again, the Sharvakas of Runi got them seen off respect fully and ceremoniously by Acharya Kumudchandrasurisvarji. In the year 2040 of the Vikram era, according to a dream and Guru’s blessings, Bhaktisurisvarji brought prosperity to the sacred place of Runi and in the year 2047 of the Vikram era, the idol of Bhagawan Godiji Parshvanth was formally installed.

Other Temples: The idol - steps are preserved near the temple and the renovation of the temple is going on.

Works of art and Sculpture: At present, there is a new temple. This place is silent and very conducive to spiritual practices. The beautiful temple is in the vast open place.

Guidelines: This temple is on the boundary line at a distance of only four kilometer from Thara. The transport facilities are superb. There good boarding and lodging provisions. There is an upashraya. Food is given to pilgrims for use on the Journey.

Bhagawan Godiji Parshvanath

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