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Shri Nandasan Tirth

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Mulnayak: Nearly 127 cms high, white coloured idol of Bhagawan Manmohan Parshwanath in the Padmasana posture and nearly 33 cms, high idol of the ancient Mulnayak.

Tirth: It is on the Mehsana highway outside the Nandasan village.

Historicity: The new idol was installed in this temple under the auspices of Acharya Vijayrajendrasurishvarji on Sunday May 7, 1995, the seventh day of the bright half of the month of Vaishakh in the year 2051 of the Vikram era. The idol of the present Mulnayak, Manmohan Parshvanath is newly installed. The old idol of the Mulnayak in the sanctuary nereby, was brought from the old village of Nandasan and installed here. This idol was installed there 40 years ago. This new temple was built under inspiration and instructions of His Holiness Rajendrasurishwarji. The idol of the present Mulnayak is splendid, beautiful and delightful. The mere sight of it arouses joy of devotion.

Other Temples: There is no other temples.

Works of art and Sculpture: The large and splendid octagonal temple with a new and artistic design looks beautiful and spectacular. The idols of Kalikund Parshvanath, Guru Gautam Swami, Padmavatidevi, Manibhadravir and others are installed here. This tirth is also called Jaytribhoovan tirth. The plans of a school, a pathshala, a Gurukul, a dispensary etc. are materialised here. In course of time, this tirth will become very famous and exceedingly beautiful.

Guidelines: From this tirth on the Ahmedabad -Mehsana highway the nearest railway station of Mehsana is at a distance of 25 Kms. and Nandasan is at a distance of 1 Km. Bus service and private vehicles are available. A large, comfortable dharmachala, a bhojanashala, an iyambilshala, an upashray etc. are there. Pilgrims are given food for using on the journey.

Trust: Shri Jaytrubhuvan (Manmohan Parshvnath) Tirth Trust, Nandasana-382706 Dist.Mehsana, State Gujarat, India.

Bhagawan Manmohan Parshwanath

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