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Shri Modasar Tirth

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Mulnayak: The yellow-stone idol of Bhagawan Shantinath in the Padmasana posture.

Tirth: It is in the Modasar village on the Bavla-Sanand road.

Historicity: While the farm of Ramubhai Jethabhai was being dug in the Modasar village, nine idols came out from the ground in the year 2038 of the Vikram era. The natives of the village decided not to give the idols to any tirth but they decided to build a temple in the Modasar village and install the idol in it. At present, these idols are seated as guest-idols in a hall on four vighas ( 1 vigha=5/8 acre) of land.

History says that there was a temple in Modasar in the fourteenth century. Idols were got installed in it by the rich merchant named Sohad under the auspices of His Holiness Ramchandravijayji Maharaj Saheb. Most of the idols were made by king Samprati.

Other Temples: There is no other temple

Works of art and Sculpture: King Samprati, the grandson of King Ashok of the Maurya dynasty, built 36000 new temples and renovated 89000 old temples. He got one and a quarter crores of idols made of gold, silver, the five metals and stone. From those idols, these are five stone idols. The idols are ancient, spectacular and lustrous.

Guidelines: This tirth on the Bavla-Sanand main road, is at a distance of 6 Kms from Bavla and 11 Kms from Sanand. Bus service and private vehicles are available. The chief temple, a dharmashala and a bhojanashala are under construction. At present, there is provision of serving meals to the pilgrims.

Trust: Shri Modasar Jain Tirth Sventamber Trust, Modasar Ta.Ahmedabad, state: Gujarat, India. 

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