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Shri Koba Tirth

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Mulnayak: White-colored idol of Bhagawan Mahavir Swami in the Padamasan posture.
Tirth: It is on the bank of the Sabarmati river on the Ahmedabad - Gandhinagar high way.

Historicity: Under the inspiration of Acharyashri Padmasagarsuri Maharaj Saheb, the Koba tirth was set up in memory of His Holiness Acharyashri Kailas Sagarsuriji Maharaj Saheb, With his blessing Shri Mahavir Jain Aradhana Kendra was established here on December 26, 1980. This is an excellent and matchless center of propitiation of dharma and attainment of spiritual knowledge, activities of religion, spiritual knowledge, activities of religion, dissemination of religion. Here is an immensely splendid temple of Mahavirswami. It has a cellar and eleven different idols. It aroused joy of religion. Looking beautiful with high steps and their pinnacles, this delightful temple is really worth visiting. The idols of Manibhadravir Padmvatidevi and Bhagawan Adishver are there in the cellar. The very rare crystalline of Bhagawan Parshvnath is also here.

Other Temples: Besides this temple , there is an artistic marble Gurumandir built on the funeral ground of His Holiness Kailas Sagar Surishvarji in his sweet memory. There is a plan of writing the life events of Acharyashri with golden letters in this Gurumandir. At present, there are foot-idols of Gurudev. They are delightful to see. There is also an Aradhana Bhavan for spiritual pursuant. It. Has aleeture-hall on 18 rooms. It is a high level place for spiritual pursuits of spiritual pursuant and Sadhus. In the Aradhana Bhavan there are more than two lakhs of ancient rare manuscripts. Among them there are more than a thousand invaluable books written a palm-leaves. It is more important than any great museum. Besides, there is an incomparable museum with very ancient specimens and books. It is an extraordinary experience of a pilgrim tom visit the museum.

Works of art and Sculpture: In this tirth, the temple with a big gate, looks beautiful like a god's residence. Every year on May 22, the sunray passing through the pinnacle is made to fall on the mark of pigment on the forehead of the idol of Bhagawan Mahavir Swami. It shines brightly like a diamond, keeping in view. On that day's thousands of devoted worshippers and researchers come here. The present new temple Gurumandir, Aradhana Bhavan and Gnanamandir are really famous for their new worship and structure. This place is a spring of propitiation and knowledge. In the museum, there are. The artistic models in this museum are the best artistic specimens of the period from the eighth to the 12th century.

Guidelines: This tirth is at the end of the Indira bridge in the Koba village on the Gandhinagar - Ahmedabad highway. The nearest railway station of Ahmedabad is at a distance of nearly 16 kilometers and the air-port is at distance of 5 Kilometers. Bus service and private vehicles are easily available for lodging there are new blocks, small cottages with all amenities, a bhojanshala and a good canteen.

Trust: Mahavir Jain Aradhana Kendra, Koba, Gandhinagar - 382009, Gujarat, India.

Bhagawan Mahavir Swami


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