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Shri Kheda Tirth

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Mulnayak: 64 cms. high and 21 inches wide white - colored idol of Bhagawan Bhidbhanajan Parshvanath in the Padmasana posture.

Tirth: It is in the Patel locality of the Kheda City on the Ahmedabad - Bombay high way.

Historicity: A saint was sitting under a banyan tree outside the city. The people of the city saw him and requested him to come to the city. Seeing the simplicity and merits of the people, the Acharya preached them the Jain religion and inspired them to adopt it. Anxious to worship Jain, the Shravakas asked for a Jain idol. Hearing this, the Acharya asked them to dig the ground under his seat. Thus, while digging under the banyan tree, they got a beautiful idol and that was the idol of Bhidbhanjan Parshnvanath. This is the event of appearance of God in the year 1516 of the Vikram era. This idol belongs to the times of King Samprati. The sight, worship and admiration of the Jainís idol, can remove the difficulties of the devotee. Even today the temple of Bhidbhanjan Parshvanath is there in the city of Kheda. Its last renovation was accomplished in the year 2053. This is the birth - place of His Holiness Acharya Shri Udayratnaji and His Holiness Kapursurisvarji Maharaj Saheb. On the fifteenth day of every month, food is given to the pilgrims for use on the Journey. The 15th day of the months of Kartak and Chitra, have a special significance here.

Other Temples: Besides this, there are eight temples in the Kheda district.

Works of art and Sculpture: Since this idol belongs to the times of King Samprati, its artistry is extraordinary and wonderful. The idols of the times of King Samprati and the idol in the Kousagga posture which is found from the ground, are delightful.

Guidelines: Nadiad, the nearest railway station of Kheda on the Ahmedabad - Bombay highway, is at a distance of 18 Kilometers, Bus service, taxi service and service of other vehicles are available. There are an upashray, a pathshala and an ayamlilshala. Besides there are good boarding and lodging provisions.

Trust: Shri Bhidbhanjan Parshvanath Jain, Svetambar Tirth Pedhi, Patelvado, Kheda District, Gujarat State, India .

Bhagawan Bhidbhanajan Parshvanath

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