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Shri Kavi Tirth

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Mulnayak: There are white-colored idols of Bhagawan Adishvar and Bhagawan Dharmanath in the Padmasana posture.

Tirth: On the sea-shore near the village Kavi.

Historicity: Its ancient name was Kankavati. The present temple of Bhagawan Adinath was renovated in the 1645 of the Vikram era. It was formally installed by Shri Vijaysensurisvarji. It was named ‘Sarvajit Prasad’. The idol of Bhagawan Dharmnath was also formally installed by the same. Maharaj Saheb in the year 1655 of the vikram era. It was named ‘Ratnatilak Prasad’. The temple was renovated many times. This temple was built by a mother-in-law (sasu) and his son’s wife (vahu). When his son’s wife struck against the door-frame, her mother-in-law taunted. Virabhai, the son’s wife, therefore, built with money from her parental home, a temple of 52 idols brightly shining like a God’s residence. The chief idol is of Bhagawan Dharmanath. Every year, a fair is held here on the seventh day of the dark half of the month of Posh. Even today, this temple is famous as the sasu-vahu temple.

Other Temples: There are no other temples.

Works of art and Sculpture: The artistry of the summits of the Ratnaprasad temple and the scene outside the temple are splendid and fascinating. The temple built as a results of the taunts given by Hirabai, the mother-in-law and Virabai, the son’s wife, to each other, is really peaceful and beautiful and the place is sighty and splendid.

Guidelines: The railway station is at a distance of one kilometer from the Kavi temple. One can also travel by roadway to this place on the Jambusar railway line at a distance of 96 kilometers from Vadodara and 80 kilometers from Bharuch. Bus service and private vehicles are available here. There are boarding and lodging provisions. A library and an upashraya are also there.

Trust: Shri Rikhavdevji Maharaj Jain Derasarji, Kavi - 392170, Taluka - Jambusar, Dist Bharuch, Gujarat State, India.

Bhagawan Adishvar

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