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Shri Hastagiri Tirth

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Mulnayak: Four Idols of Bhagwan Adishwar, facing in four directions. They are of white colour and shine brightly.

Tirth: This sacred place is on a hill on the bank of the river Shetrunji

Historicity: This is regarded to be a sacred place of the times of Bhagawan Adishvar and peak of Mt. Shatrunjaya. This hilly land is also known as Hastisengiri. This sacred place was established by Bhagawan Adishvar’s son Bharat Chakravati. Even today there are foot-idols of bhagawan in a small temple on the very ancient hill. Bharat Chakravati, the eldest son of Bhagwan Adishvar, attained salvation here under instructions of the Acharya Vijayramachandrasurisavarji Maharaj Saheb and Mahatungasurisvarji Maharaj Saheb, this splendid, four - mouthed, octagonal Jain temple with 72 devkulikas, with three hill - forts and a lecture - hall, was set up here. Today, this temple is taller even than the tallest Jain temple of Taranga. It was formally installed on the sixth day of the bright half of the Vikram era. Late Shri Kantibhai Manibhai of Bombay, an original native of Patan devoutly took hard pains for building this temple.

Other Temples: There is a new Jain temple at the foot of the sacred place of Hastagiri.

Works of art and Sculpture: The group of the temples of Mt. Shatunjaya on one side of the hill and the sight of Mt. Kadamgiri on the other side, present are excellent sight like that of a divine city. This temple was built by highly skilled craftsmen and stone masons. The atmosphere of this place gives peace to the soul. For spiritual pursuits, this is a very beautiful place.

Guidelines:The railway station of Palitana is only at a distance of 16 kilometers from here From here pilgrims go in a bus or a taxi to the Jalia village at the foot of the hill. The ascending road on the hill is nearly three and a half kilometers long. Then there is a straight road for buses and taxis. In the Jalia Village at the foot of the hill, there are dharmashalas, bhojanalas and an upashray.

Trust: Sheth Anandaji Kalayanaji Ni. Pedhi Hastagiri, Gam Jalia, Palitana, Dist. Bhavnagar, Gujarat State, India.

Bhagawan Adishvar Shines


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