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Shri Kalikund Tirth

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Mulnayak: Nearly 120 cms. high, white-colored idol of Bhagawan Kalikund Parshvanath in the Padmasana posture.

Tirth: On the road in the city of Dholka.

Historicity: The name of this city was Dhavalakkapur. In the times of the Mahabharata, this was a vast city. This is the birth place of His Holiness Dadashri Jinadattasurishvarji and the holly land of initiation (diksha) of Upadhyay Dharmadevji. There are evidences to show that many temples were built and many religious activities were done here in the twelfth century of the Vikram era. Under the inspiration of His Holiness Acharyadev Vijayrajendrasurisvarji auspices of Kanaksurisvarji, this 2200 years old idol was installed in this vast, high multi-stepped temple, comparable to God’s residence, on the third day of the bright half of the month of Fagum in the year 2038 of the Vikram era. Dadavadi of Shri Jinadattasurishvarji, the great Acharya of Khartargachchha, is in front of this temple.

On the land of one lakh of square ft. near this temple, there is Mini-Shetrunjaya temple. It reminds one of the 45 ft. high artificial hill. The city of temples is built on the land of 25000 square ft. With ‘Jal Taleti’, ‘Babuna Dera’. temple of Bhagawan Shantinath’, ‘Dada’s Tank’, ‘Nava tunk’, ‘Getina Paga’, the foot of the hill etc., this mini-shetrunjaya looks beautiful like the actual sacred place of Shetrunjaya.

Other Temples: There are also two other temples.

Works of art and Sculpture: In delineation of every organ and sub-organ of this ancient idol, excellent artistry stands out. It seems as if Bhagawan is blessing the devotees with steady eyes and a sweet smile. There are many other handsome idols. In the city also, one sees many artistic models.

With directions of many modern architects, the present Mini-Shetrunjaya is modeled like the very beautiful and valuable sacred place of Shetrunjaya.

Guidelines: The nearest railway station of Dholka is at a distance of one kilometer. At this sacred place on the Vadodara-Palitana road, bus service and vehicle-service are easily available.There are very good provisions for boarding and lodging.

Trust: Shri Tejpal Vastupal Jain Charity Trust, Kalikund Tirth, Dholka - 387810, Gujarat State, India.

Bhagawan Kalikund Parshvanath

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