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Shri Chhani Tirth

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Mulnayak: 33 cms. high and 11 inches wide, white-colored idol of Bhagawan Shantinath in the Padmasana posture. Idol of Vimal Parshvanath is on side.

Tirth: It is in a street of Shrvakas in the suburb of Chhani of the Vadodara city.

Historicity: Near the ancient cities of Darbhavati, Vadapadh, the city Chhani was known by the ancient name Chhayapuri. A manuscript of the year 1821 of the Vikram era, reveals that there were five beautiful temples in Chhani in those days. In the course of time, it became old. It was renovated into the present temple. This city was a military camp. Therefore, this city came to be called Chhani, a transformation of Chhavani (Camp).

Other Temples: There are other temples in Chhani, one of Bhagawan Shantinath, one of Bhagawan Mahavir Swami and one of Bhagawan Kunthunath.

Works of art and Sculpture: This idol seems to be very ancient. The name of Chhayapur Parshvanath is listed in the Parshva Jina namavali composed in the year 1655 of the Vikram era. He is the Vimal Parshvanath. Shri Sayajirao Gaekwar called the Chharni Village - ‘ a mine of diksha’. This speaks of the glories of this place. The religious outlook of the Jains of the Chhani Village and the Jain spirit woven into the texture of their life, is really praiseworthy. This is perhaps the only place where people offer worship only with svadravya. Even the children of this place staunchly observe the basic rules of the Jain religion.

Guidelines: At a distance of 8 kilometers from Vadodara Chhani is at distance of one kilometer from the railway station, Bus Service, taxi service and other vehicles are available. Here are an old library, and an upashraya and a dharmashala.

Trust: Shri Shantinathji Svetamber Jina Prasad. Street of Shravaakas, Chhani, Dist. : Vadodara, Gujarat State, India

Bhagawan Vimal Parshvanath

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