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Shri Bhadreshvar Tirth

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Mulnayak : Nearly 61 cms. high, white - colored idol of Mahavir Swami the Padmasana posture.

Tirth : It is a lonely beautiful place on the sea - shore outside the village Bhadreshvar at a distance of nearly one kilometer in the east.

Historicity : Bhadravati was the ancient name of this place. There are references to this city which were made in the times of the Mahabharat. Shravak Devchandra found this place and laid the foundation stone of this temple. There are references showing that this temple was renovated by Shrimalis in the year 1134 and by Sheth Shri Jagdu Shah in the year 1314 of the Vikram era. When this city deteriorated in the course time, this idol of Bhagawan Parshvanath was safeguarded by a Jain mark. In the year 1688 of the Vikram era, Sheth Vardhaman Shah Developed this sacred place and formally reinstalled the ancient idol of Bhagawan Parshvanath which brightly shines there even today. In 1939 of the Vikram era, Mithabai, the wife of Sheth Monsi Tejsi, accomplished the last renovation of this temple. This is the birth place of the famous donor Sheth Shri Jagdu Shah who lived in the fourteenth century. In the history of India, he has an illustrated name as donor.

Other Temples : At present there are no other temples.

Works of art and Sculpture : On the maidan of nearly two and a half lakhs of square feet, this is a very beautiful temple comparable to an elegant residence of God, Gurumandirs of the Paychandagachha, of the Khartarga gachchha the Tapagchchha and the garden in the open space present a beautiful sight. The three doors and the arched gate of the temple stand out as distinctly superior to other works of sculpture. The temple is 38 feet high, 80 feet broad and 150 feet long. The idol of God is seen from the sculptured gateway. The canvas paintings of life events of Bhagawan Mahavir and of sacred places look very fascinating. In the temples, there are 218 pillars and 146 idols of God. There are niches for idols of presiding gods and goddesses of Mahavir Swami. Besides, the idols of Ganadhar Sudharma Swami, Vagheshvaridevi, Chakreshvaridevi, Mahakalidevi, Risikeshdevi, Saraswatidevi and of the feet of Kalyansagasuri Maharj Saheb are installed there. The atmosphere of this impressive temple is peaceful and beautiful.

Guidelines : The nearest railway station of Gandhidham is at a distance of 39 kilometers. Buses and taxis are available vehicles here. It is here that people begin their pilgrimage to the small and big groups of the five sacred places. Mundra, the town nearby, is 27 kilometers away, and Bhuj, the capital of Kutch is 80 kilometers away. There are all facilities of dharmshalas and bhojanshalas..

Trust : Shri Anandji Kalyanji Trust, Shri Vasai Jain Tirtha, Mahavirnagar, Bhadreshwar : 370 441 Dist. : Kutch, Gujarat State, India.

Bhagawan Mahavir Swami


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