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Shri Aglod Tirth

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Mulnayak : Nearly 151cms, high, white-colored idol of Bhagawan Vaupujyaswami in the padmasan posture.

Historicity : The dilapidated old temple in the Aglod Tirth was changed in to in the year 2041 of the Vikram ear. Under the auspices of His Holiness Acharya Shrimed Vijaybahuvansurisvarji and his prime disciples, the Aglod city renovated the temple into a first-rank large temple in North Gujarat, This temple is 130 ft. long and 82 ft. board. The top of the pinnacle is at an attitude of 53 ft. from the level floor. The chief sanctuary of the temple is a square of 11 ft. The idol of Bhagawan Adishvar is installed in the cellar of the original temple. Besides, the idols of Gautamswami and Padmavatidevi are installed in separate small temples.

Other Temples : In the square of the chief temple, there is a small temple of Manibhadravir. The very miraculous headless tunk of Manibahdravir was installed in it on the fifth day of the bright half of the month of Magh in to year 1733 of the Vikram era. In order to make Manibhadravir appear here and in order to make the Jain religion prosperous , His Holiness Acharya Shantisomsuriji Maharaj Saheb observed a fast of 121 days and by propitiating Manibhadravir, he raised the importance of this tirth. Manibhadravir is powerful and ever helpful god of the Jain religion.
There are three main temples of him. He was born in Ujjain. His head is worshipped in Magarwada. He helps those who say prayers to him and propitiates him in the prescribed way. Millions of devoted worshippers come here to worship him. Sukhadi is offered here, as in Mahudi, sukhadi can be got prepared here on paying to the firm, the price of it.

Works of art and Sculpture : This splendid large, first-rank temple of three-pinnacles in North Gujarat is renovated as an incomparable specimen of artistic workmanship. This new temple looks very beautiful with the small temple of Manibhadravir. The artistry of this temple is wonderful and matchless. This tirth a most suited for Sadhana. On the fifth day of the bright-half of the month of Magh, devoted worshippers come here, for Sadhana to propitiate Manibhadravir.

Guidelines : The nearest railway station of Vijapur is at distance 12 kilometers. Bus-service and private vehicles are available. There is an Upashraya for Sadhus and Sadhvis. There is a good facility of Dharmashala and bhojanashla.

Trust : Shri Jain Svetamber Murtipujak Sangh, Aglod - 382805. Taluka : Vijapur, Dist - Mehsana, State - Gujarat , India.

Bhagawan Manibhadravir

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